About 2nd Indian Near Surface Geophysics Conference & Exhibition

Near-surface geophysics is the use of geophysical methods to investigate features in the shallow (tens to hundreds of meters) subsurface. The objectives of near-surface geophysics are often noninvasive investigations of pollution problems, obtaining engineering information, locating and defining archaeological sites, near-surface structural features such as paleochannels and faults, cavities and tunnels, minerals, groundwater, pipelines, etc. It is closely related to applied geophysics or exploration geophysics. Methods used include seismic refraction and reflection, gravity, magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic methods. Many of these methods were developed for oil and mineral exploration but are now used for a great variety of applications, including archaeology, environmental science, forensic science, military intelligence, geotechnical investigation, mineral exploration, and hydrogeology.

Near-surface geophysics is being extensively used in India for various engineering, environmental, mining, ground water, archaeological and forensic applications. The conference is being organized to bring various stakeholders on a common platform, share the experiences and deliberate upon ways and means to increase use of geophysics for various application areas.

The conference is being organized along with exhibition. Various new technologies and products have emerged in the field of geophysics and exhibition provides a platform for display of these technologies and products.