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Inaugural Global Near Surface Geophysics Awards

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Welcome to the inaugural Global Near Surface Geophysics Awards, an esteemed event dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the outstanding achievements of individuals, groups, and organizations in the field of near surface geophysics. With an aim to honour and inspire innovation, these awards highlight the exceptional contributions made by research scholars, academicians, researchers, research institutes, government organizations, and industry professionals. By acknowledging excellence in various categories, the Global Near Surface Geophysics Awards seek to foster collaboration, encourage ground-breaking research, and promote the importance of geophysics in addressing today's most pressing environmental and resource challenges. We are thrilled to bring together the global geophysics community to showcase the remarkable accomplishments of our peers and applaud their dedication to advancing our understanding of the Earth's near-surface processes.

Number of Awards

The number of awards shall be between 0 and 50 every year.

The Award

The award shall be in the form of a plaque with an image of the Aqua Foundation logo and a certificate. The award shall be given at the award ceremony held either with Indian Near Surface Geophysics Event. If, for some reason, the awardee is unable to be present in the Show, he can receive it from the Secretary at any later date.


The Screening Committee will consider all proposals forwarded by the Secretary. It may, at its discretion, add additional names from or outside the original list. The Secretary General, assisted by 2 Members of Governing Council may accelerate the process to present an award in the Near Surface Geophysics Event.

Nomination Deadline

The last date to receive nomination is September 15, 2023